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Custom Mailbox Sign - Vertical

Customized with your street address. This sign is meant to hang below your mailbox, but could be hung in other locations to display your street address along with the Peachtree Hills logo.  Made with HDPE, a durable high-density plastic that's extremely durable and stable.  Dimensions are 1/2" thick, 5" wide, and 18" tall. The material will never discolor or require painting or other maintenance, perfect for hanging anywhere outdoors in any type of weather.  There are two different colors available: Green / White / Green and Green / Tan / Green.  

After you place an order we will reach out to you to collect your address number and confirm your color selection. 

The sign will arrive with the hardware needed to install, for self-installation. If you would prefer for it to be installed for you, please add the Sign Installation item to your cart.   

If your mailbox requires slightly different dimensions please select the "Custom Sign" product and we can quote you for your specific needs.  


Custom Mailbox Sign - Vertical


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